Want to hear more from me? Like a feral cat marking its territory, here it is: the master list of everywhere I’ve sprayed that isn’t on my own channels.


The Enormocast: Dream the Impossible Trad Dream

The Nugget: FFA of Stingray, On and Off Mode, and Living the Dirtbag Dream

The Nugget: Follow-Up: Brittany Goris — The Wild World of Offwidths

Power Climbing Company: Climbing Past Mythology

Dirtbag State of Mind: A Dirtbag with a Dream


The Schnitzel Show: Crack Climbing, Burnout, and Todd Skinner

One Chick Travels: Dream the Impossible Dream

Weekend Whipper: Brittany Goris Takes… and Takes a Fall!

Climbing Daily: SUPER HARD Trad Route From Brittany Goris

Climbing Daily: SPLITTER Crack Climbing Boulder With Trad Bad-Ass Brittany Goris

Articles By Me

Staying Hungry On The Salathe, The Climbing Zine

Where I Belong: My Climbing Gym, REI Co-op Blog

Egos and Route Grades: Everyone Loses, Climbing Magazine

Dirtbagging in the time of Covid-19, Climbing Magazine

Burnout: What Happens when you Quit?, Climbing Magazine

News Articles

Big Wall Climbing Training Q&A, Training For Climbing

Brittany 2.0, Climbing Magazine

Climber Story: Brittany Goris, Dynamite Starfish

Imagine Freeing the Salathé Wall as Your First Big Wall. Brittany Goris Just Did, Climbing Magazine

Brittany Goris on Sending the Phoenix 5.13+ and Her Experience as a Top Female Trad Climber, Climbing Magazine

Brittany Goris is the first woman to free climb historic Todd Skinner testpiece crack City Park, The Alpinist

Brittany Goris escala los 31 largos de ‘El Corazón’ 5.13b (8a) en libre, Wogu Climbing

Brittany Goris Redpoints City Park (5.13d) at Index, Rock and Ice Magazine

Brittany Goris climbs 8b+ trad with East Coast Fist Bump, Planet Mountain

Brittany Goris makes first female ascent of Stingray at Joshua Tree, USA, Planet Mountain

Brittany Goris free climbs Salathé Wall on El Capitan, Yosemite, Planet Mountain